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Sending 30 aviation knowledge-based companies to Moscow; Achievements are displayed

With the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, 30 knowledge-based companies were sent to Russia on July 20 this year to increase technological cooperation between the two countries.

July 29 to August 3, Russia will host knowledge-based companies at the same time as the Max 2021 International Aerospace Exhibition. Representatives from the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, the Center for Presidential Transformation and Development Cooperation, and 30 knowledge-based companies will attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

 By participating in this exhibition, in addition to getting acquainted with the technology and innovation ecosystem and technological infrastructure of Russia and other countries participating in this exhibition, these companies will also show their knowledge and professional achievements by introducing their capabilities to customers from these countries for their products and find their services.

 Another achievement of this technological trip is the signing of a cooperation protocol with the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, which can facilitate the export of Iranian products to this country and bring Iran's technological capabilities to the gates of global markets. A country that has a history of cooperation and historical interaction with Iran and is one of the long-standing and reliable trade and economic partners for our country.

The largest air event in East Asia

The Max Russia Exhibition has been held biennially since 1992. In addition to the participation of manufacturers of aerospace products, it is the largest symposium between Russian and foreign designers to exchange experiences. It is one of the largest air shows in the world and the top air event in Eastern Europe.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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