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Publication of the second Iranian immigration outlook 2021; A clear picture of Iran's situation in international migration became available

The second issue of the Iranian Immigration Outlook was published by the Iranian Immigration Observatory with the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology.

It was also published by Daneshbanian Fanavar Publishing. This outlook represents the latest and most up-to-date statistics and information in the field of international immigration in Iran and the world, and has improvements over the year 2020 immigration outlook.

The second immigration outlook in 10 chapters tries to provide a clear picture of the situation of Iran in international migration and the latest global migration trends and illuminate the audience's mind on this issue.

One of the attractions of this book is the existence of diagrams and numerous tables in it that have relied on this data for each important topic.

 For the first time, this outlook allows its audience to monitor and monitor immigration flows in the country for two consecutive years.

Of course, the second outlook, in addition to collecting data and information from various statistical sources that show the immigration status of Iranians in different student, asylum and economic groups, has shown the population of Iranians in the main destination countries and their migration flows and channels.

Also, for the first time, it reports on the migration status of top talents and members of the National Elite Foundation and shows their migration process in various scientific groups.

In one of the chapters, data related to the return of Iranian specialists abroad in the program of cooperation with non-resident specialists and propellants are presented. An event that happened in the last few years by the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology with a well-written plan.

Readers of the second outlook can see Iran's position in the key indicators of international migration by relying on valid data and based on indicators.

 For many people, there may be a question about whether or not to stay in the entrance exam, the question is answered in the outlook. In part of it, the process of stay, departure and return of the selected national entrance exams and Olympiad’s student, as well as the process of departure and return of Iranian asylum seekers has been studied for the first time.

Also, a summary of the most important policy options facing Iran with regard to statistical trends and immigration challenges in various areas, including international student relocation, labor and economic migration, forced migration and asylum.

 The outlook also did not ignore the spread of the Covid-19 virus and its impact on border closures, restrictions on movement in many countries, and international migration by 2020, and some of these effects have been mentioned and analyzed. Effects such as the closure of universities and restrictions on the movement of international students, the reduction of economic-labor migration, as well as the reduction of the number of new asylum seekers in the world.

 In general, the Iranian Immigration Outlook-2021 consists of two main sections. The section on the trend of international migration in the world and the section on the status and position of Iran in international migration.

In the first part of this work, the statistical study of international migration trends in various areas of student relocation, economic-labor migrants and forced-asylum migrants, as well as return migration is discussed.

In the second part, statistics related to Iranian citizens in the world, including Iranian citizens in other countries, Iranian students in universities in different countries, Iranian refugees and asylum seekers in the world and Iranian immigrants returning to the country are analyzed.

One of the important applications of publishing immigration outlooks for countries is the use of immigration information in macro governance and policy decisions. Due to the importance of this issue and the need to constantly monitor developments in the field of immigration, the publication of the second comprehensive immigration outlook of Iran was on the agenda.

Therefore, due to the importance of producing valid data in the 21st century, this outlook provides information based on documented and reliable data related to migration.

 Iran-2021 Immigration Outlook has tried to improve the quantitative and qualitative level of data and information statistics of the previous outlook.

Considering that immigration has always been one of the intellectual concerns at the level of society and the country's officials, in this outlook, an attempt has been made to look at the issue of immigration with a comprehensive documentary view through a popular and undocumented view. Therefore, the leading outlook can be cited as a comprehensive and authoritative international scientific reference in the field of immigration analysis and policy-making for researchers at home and abroad and the general public.

Iran-2021 Immigration Outlook will be published in two versions in Persian and English in the next few days and its electronic version will be published on the website of the Iranian Immigration Observatory at www.imobs.ir, Danesh Bonyan Fanavar Publications at isti.ir and the website of the Culture Headquarters Knowledge-based economy and development of soft and creative industries will be available.

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