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Exploitation of the Republic | The national was launched project to create jobs based on local creative talents

Creative Homes and Innovation Project: The National-Regional Initiative of the Culture Knowledge-Based Economy and the Development of Soft and Creative Industries Headquarters is a plan to strengthen and realize the creative economy by looking at decentralization and taking advantage of national and regional advantages.

In this regard, the creative and innovation house "B" or Behzad was officially launched today by the order of Hojjatoleslam and Muslims, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of our country.

The project of creative companies is unique in the history of modern Iranian rule that instead of astronomical investment to create jobs, they create jobs only by organizational synergies and institutions and using talent, ability, natural areas, local culture, and resources of each province.

Some parts of the country are suffering from historical backwardness and inadequacy. The headquarters, under supervision of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, implemented a plan according to which the talented and ideological youth of each region in fields such as digital business and cyberspace. Games, toys and entertainment, handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage, audio-visual industries, design, learning, publishing, medicinal plants and traditional medicine, visual and performing arts, based on the resources and capacities of each region, its design and idea.

Based on this, the Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and Development of Soft and Creative Industries in vice presidency of Science and Technology has created a significant number of creative houses in the country. It has also persuaded other centers to provide services to creative startups in a function similar to Creative House, through bilateral agreements.

The headquarters support these creative companies by providing targeted support such as facilities, headquarters and Internet infrastructure to go through the process of team-to-company conversion with more confidence.

Creative and Innovation House "B" is one of these examples of creative houses, which is one of the creative and innovative houses in the field of art in Tehran.

 This creative house is named after Creative House "B" in memory of Master Hossein Behzad, the famous master of Iranian miniature painting. This historic house is supposed to provide the background for the prosperity of startups in the field of soft technologies and cultural industries.

Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and Soft and Creative Industries Development Headquarters in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, after implementing a major part of the national program to create a nationwide network of creative homes and service centers for creative companies, their plan to build a national platform for creative and innovative homes has reached its final stages of implementation.

According to the policies and goals in the Vice Presidency of Science to develop soft technologies and creative and cultural industries, the establishment and support of the formation of creative and innovation houses has been on the agenda of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology for several years.

 All creative houses in the country, led by the Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and the Development of Soft and Creative Industries Headquarters, are trying to find new untested paths and take advantage of the test and integration of new technologies in the cultural industries.

It is hoped to dozens of startups will become creative companies in Creative House B throughout the year.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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