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Exploitation of the Republic | Rouhani: Creative and Innovative Homes Prosper Economy and Art; Creating a new employment path for young people

By the order of Dr. Hassan Rouhani inaugurated and unveiled 5 technological projects of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology inaugurated and unveiled via video conference. In the program, he stressed the importance of creative and innovative homes and their role in boosting the economy and employment.

Dr. Hassan Rouhani on Monday in the 76th movement of prudence and hope for the leap of production and inauguration of national knowledge-based projects of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, the President said at the inauguration of creative houses in Isfahan and Tehran provinces: I am very happy today that conditions have been created in creative homes to use and exploit a new path in the field of employment, as well as the art and abilities of young people, educated in various fields.

 Dr. Rouhani added: "In creative and innovation houses, as an architectural document of the past, the beauties of Iran in the past centuries and decades can be exhibited and these architectural and traditional centers are preserved and create a new employment path for the dear youth."

Dr. Rouhani considered the knowledge-based projects inaugurated in today's ceremony very valuable and important in the path of sustainable development of the country.

 Today was the 76th weekly opening and it was very valuable. Of course, all the projects that opened today were valuable. From the innovation factory that we saw in Kermanshah, thank God, our provinces are located one after another in this direction, and a center for all knowledge-based companies, our accelerators are provided in each province with an innovation factory, and today this innovation factory was opened in Kermanshah.

 Creative houses that are very valuable to us, both in terms of preserving historical monuments and traditional houses of the past, and as a center that our expert thinkers can use and exploit, and the issue of electric cars and electric buses for the future of transportation. It is very important, especially the National Observatory, which was very important.

 The development and progress of the country in the future are in this direction. That is, it is the knowledge-based economy that can move the country, and in this way, we can reduce our distance from the developed countries, and God willing, we can witness great changes in this field.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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