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Exploitation of the Republic | Iran's electric city bus was unveiled

One of the completed projects in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology is the National Plan for the Development of Electric City Bus Drives. The operation of this project, which was started by the order of President Dr. Hassan Rouhani, and has been completed with the efforts of 5 knowledge-based companies.

 With the support of the Space Technology Development Headquarters, the Advanced Transportation Department in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology unveiled the first engineered version of the electric bus. One of the outstanding features of this project is the use of national capacities and knowledge-based and creative companies.

Currently, 5 knowledge-based and creative companies are involved directly in this project and another 12 companies are involved indirectly. A network for 27 knowledge-based and creative companies is expected to be involved in the project's development and mass production. Therefore, using national capacity in project implementation is one of its outstanding features.

The project of developing the all-electric bus in the city was started by Mana Company and the Automobile, Fuel and Environment Research Institute of the University of Tehran in cooperation with Isfahan Zarrin-Khodro Industries Company and with the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in mid-2020.

The driving forces designed and built by Mana Company are implemented on the Zarrin Khodro Loflor bus and are presented in different forms of charging night, combined charging or as a booster and plug. In this project, 75% of the electric driving forces are localized and designed internally.

Electric traction motors, generators, single-speed gearboxes for traction drives, smart pack batteries, auxiliary power systems and inverters, electric power distribution systems, multiple cooling systems, are all domestically built and localized. The base bus also belongs to Zarrin Khodro Industries Company, which is produced in Isfahan.

At present, an electric bus has been built in an area of ​​one thousand square meters and the production of another 200 devices is on the agenda. Its implementation will directly and indirectly create employment for 100 people.

Communication and Information Center of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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