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Exploitation of the Republic | Creative and innovative homes are the team's launching pad; Creating added wealth and value from culture, art and value

Creative houses are one of the main tools for the development of soft and creative industries in the vice presidency of Science and Technology and with the participation of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism for the quantitative and qualitative development of creative companies.

Creative companies are innovative companies in areas such as digital business and cyberspace, games, toys and entertainment, handicrafts, tourism and cultural heritage, audio-visual industries, design, learning, publishing, medicinal plants ,and traditional medicine. Visual and performing arts are active.

These areas are generally part of the sub-sectors related to soft and creative industries.

Kashan Gozar Creative and Innovation House is one of these creative houses. This complex includes three Qajar and Pahlavi houses between the historical and ancient context of Kashan. The house also includes four shops under the Anbar Khan waterway.

After the process of acquiring, renovating, equipping and reviving this old house, it became a creative house and a safe haven for startups and creative companies.

 Part of the complex has been converted into an eco-lodge and rooms with a capacity of 30 people have been equipped with an ecotourism permit.

The basement of this complex has been turned into a theater, where theater performances, film screenings, and  book unveiling will take place.

The conversion of a part of the complex into a coffee shop, which serves traditional liqueurs and drinks with a capacity of 70 people, is one of the other features of the creative house in Kashan.

Handicraft workshops such as Sharabafi, Zari weaving, Xylobafi, pottery, tiles, engraving, mosaics, inlays, carpet drawing, textiles and clothing, wood and weaving, and design and carpet virtual businesses of AR and VR technology are also have been created in this house.

 Also, one of the activities of startups focused on this creative institution is content production, which is done to introduce the attractions and tourist areas of Kashan. The employer of this central institution is called  cozy house.

Podcasts and plays based on the rich culture of the region and performances of traditional rituals are also performed in the creative and innovative of the cozy house or the creative house of Kashan.

This house with the support of the Culture and Knowledge-Based Economy and the development of soft and creative industries Headquarters is pursuing the issue of child-centered tourism with the focus on supporting professional startups in this field.

Training of special tour leaders for children, production of children's tourism platforms and scientific knowledge of the needs of this field are among the other programs that the management of this creative complex pursues in the tourist city of Kashan.

This house will also bring the handicraft products of Kashan eco-lodges to the consumer markets by implementing a program called "made by human" through the cooperation of several startups.

Meeting rooms, internet infrastructure and other support packages for soft and creative industries are among the other facilities of this center.

 The creative and innovative house called cozy also has a separate ecotourism space including accommodation, cafes and resorts. This tourism space will help startups to have a better understanding of the tourism industry and to touch the needs of tourism closely.

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