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Exploitation of the Republic | A permanent exhibition of "Made in Iran" export products was opened

Innovation and Technology Export House As the central branch of Innovation and Technology Homes in export target countries, started his work at the Tehran International Exhibition Center by the order of President Hassan Rouhani.

One of the long-term goals of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology during these few years was to develop the global market for knowledge-based and creative companies, and to achieve this goal, he has implemented various strategies. One of these works is the creation of innovation houses and technology exports, which have been set up in other countries to become a place for Iranian technological products to enter global markets.

These houses have been established with the support of the International Science and Technology Interaction Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in Kenya, Syria, China and Russia, and today its central branch, which is the hub of these centers, has been established under the supervision of the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology in Tehran.

 The purpose of setting up innovation houses and technology exports in different countries is to create a network of service centers to develop the export of knowledge-based products. Other goals set for this work include "upgrading the hardware infrastructure of commercialization and export of knowledge-based technologies such as a showroom of goods and knowledge-based and creative achievements, providing a dedicated workspace, shared workspace and face-to-face meeting rooms." "Providing software services including market research, marketing, obtaining standards and sales licenses", "Supporting the foreign market development of knowledge-based companies along with the development of the domestic market" and "Effective use and interaction with export brokers, export management companies and EMCs".

"Facilitating the export process of knowledge-based and creative companies", "Accelerating the development of the international market" and "Introducing the capability of domestic products in international markets" are also the missions defined for these houses.

Tehran Technology Innovation and Export House seeks to "receive foreign delegations and introduce products", "hold specialized events and meetings and export face-to-face with foreign customers" and "provide export commercialization services to knowledge-based and creative companies.

The house is set up in 3500 square meters on three floors and 400 companies with 800 products are present in it. Products in the field of machinery and equipment, electricity and telecommunications, transportation, water and energy, agriculture and food industry, smart home and city, advanced materials, metal industries, medical equipment, medicine and health, simulators, creative industries including IP Tea and software, animation, handicrafts, games and toys and other cultural industries.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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