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Dubai Expo 2020; The capacities of Iran's knowledge-based and creative field are displayed

Dubai Expo 2020 will be held in September of this year, and the Islamic Republic of Iran will also present its creative and knowledge-based capacities by attending the important event.

The corona outbreak has delayed major events such as Dubai Expo 2020. This event starts on September 30 of this year and continues until April 2021.

"Linking thoughts, creating the future" is the motto, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries present in this exhibition, which shows a strong and powerful presence in a pavilion with an area of 2,000 square meters. Creative and knowledge-based companies will showcase their achievements and capabilities in this pavilion.

The creative design of our country's pavilion has been done by a group of elite interior architecture specialists And by Architectural Design Magazine, it became one of the top 8 expo designs.

The Vice Presidency of Science and Technology has been one of the organizations active in the recent expo, especially the Dubai Expo, which, using the capacity of knowledge-based and creative companies, presents a picture of the realities of Iran today in one of the halls of this exhibition.

Also in this hall, the capacity of a group of knowledge-based and creative companies has been used in conceptual design, creative image processing techniques, screenwriting and simultaneous use of content presentation techniques.

 Expo is a place to unveil the greatest technological achievements and this event is also one of the greatest. The new generation of high-speed internet and flying taxis is to be unveiled at Dubai Expo 2020.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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