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Calendar | Ecology, Knowledge Base and Iranian Construction in 10 Steps

In 1992, a new movement began with the formation of knowledge-based companies in the country; To get rid of the magic and curse of oil.

The ecology of innovation and technology began to take shape 8 years ago. Knowledge-based companies are one of the main actors in this ecosystem, which we have discussed on this day. Companies whose capability, innovation and creativity of human resources are the basis of their formation.

Year 1391; From notifying the regulations to evaluating the applicant companies

  Approval and notification of the regulations for the implementation of support for knowledge-based companies by the Islamic Consultative Assembly in November 1991.

Establishment of a working group for evaluation and diagnosis of companies and knowledge-based institutions in December 1991 in the Vice Presidency of

 Science and Technology.

 Unveiling of the registration and evaluation system of the applicant companies in March 2009.

  1392; Approve the first list

Approval of the first list of knowledge-based companies evaluated by the Shahrivar 92 Working Group.

Notification of the circular and sending the list of knowledge-based companies to use tax exemptions in the fiscal year 1392 by the Tax Affairs Organization of Aban 93.

 1393: Granting the first customs exemption

Granting the first customs exemption to knowledge-based companies applying for Bahman 93.

  1394: Export support

Implementation of a program to support the export of goods and services of knowledge-based people and Iran, made in May 1994.

  1395: Advertising on radio and television

Announcement of the rules for the use of knowledge-based companies from the incentive over-broadcast in the commercial advertisements of the Radio and Television of Farvardin 95 by the Economics and Culture Headquarters of Bonyan

Notice of use of knowledge-based companies for the benefits of Circular 14.9 of the Social Security Organization for exemption of contract premiums Mehr 95.

1396; Notification of the circular of the list of production units

Notification of the circular of the list of IT production units with exploitation license in January 1996

 1397; Provide duty system facilities

The beginning of providing the facilities of the duty system from July 1997 and its belonging to one thousand and 54 people and its increase to one thousand and 635 people in the year 1998 and one thousand and 756 people in the year 99.

Implementation of a special support package for knowledge-based companies for the issuance of commercial insurance (fire, engineering, complementary medicine and liability) in cooperation with Iran Insurance in July 1997.

 Allocation of insurance exemptions to knowledge-based companies since August 1997 and its affiliation to 355 companies, increasing this service to 578 contracts in 1998 and 1,07 contracts in 1999.

 1398; Implementation of the production plan of strategic items of the country for the first time

 The visit of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution to the Iran-made exhibition, the achievements of knowledge-based companies in October 1998.

Implementation of the production program of the strategic items of the country for the first time by leaving the formalities in the law of holding tenders in February 1998.

1399;Approval of 11,000 knowledge-based products

Approval and granting of type 3 knowledge-based licenses for creative companies in February 1999 and approval of 50 types 3 knowledge-based companies by the end of 1999.

 100 knowledge-based products approved in 1992 and 11,000 knowledge-based products approved by the end of 1999.

Sales of knowledge-based companies are 2,000 billion rials in 1992 and 1,500,000 billion rials by the end of 1999.

Employment of knowledge-based companies was 2,145 in 1992 and more than 200,000 by the end of 1999.

Providing tax exemption facilities to 46 knowledge-based companies in 1992 and increasing it to 12,000 knowledge-based companies by 1999.

 1400; Identify and provide service

Providing 120 services to knowledge-based companies in 1400.

Identification of 6,080 knowledge-based companies in 1400.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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