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Business negotiations between Russian scientists and technologists; The market for Iranian-made products is booming in this country

A technology trade meeting was held between Iranian and Russian knowledge-based companies for Russian business partners to develop the market for Iranian-made products in their country.

30 Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies with the support of the International Center for Science and Technology Interaction of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology left for Russia to present their achievements at the Max 2021 exhibition. These companies are also expanding the market for their products and services by attending business and technology meetings with their Russian partners.

The 30-member team includes companies in the technological fields of "industrial equipment and machinery", "materials", "health" and "electricity and electronics". Invitations have also been sent to 3,000 Russian technology companies to attend the meeting and boost interactions between Iranian and Russian companies.
Bilateral meetings and face-to-face meetings between Iranian companies and corresponding Russian companies are held to increase scientific cooperation and familiarizing the two countries with the technological capabilities of the two countries.

The first joint meeting between Iranian and Russian knowledge-based companies was held in 1998, chaired by Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology. These meetings had significant achievements for both sides and increased their trade and technological interactions. Today, for the second time, this meeting will be held between the companies to seal and confirm the previous agreements and to win future cooperation.

Over the years, a good platform has emerged in the export debate between Iran and Russia. Especially in the field of knowledge-based companies that need special literature to develop their exports, and these measures can accelerate this issue.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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