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20 products of Iranian scholars were registered in Kenya; More than 100,000 dollars worth of Made in Iran product exports to East Africa

The House of Iranian Technology Innovation and Export in Kenya paved the way for the export of 100,000 dollars worth of Made in Iran products to East Africa.

In February of last year, with the presence of Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, the Iranian House of Technology Innovation and Export in Kenya officially began its work to provide a space to facilitate the export of Iranian knowledge-based and creative products and services to the East African market. The center is located in the old and renovated building of the Iranian Embassy in Kenya and the city of Nairobi.

This house provides dedicated offices and shared workspace for companies and is a place to permanently display Iranian knowledge-based and creative products. In this center, "holding seminars, events and training courses", "marketing services and market research", "sending business delegations" and holding face-to-face meetings between Iranian and Kenyan companies "and" financial and legal services including obtaining the required standards and communication and Introduction to Kenyan business organizations such as chambers of commerce, trade unions, etc. is presented to the audience.

So far, in the short time that has passed since the opening of the first phase of this center, 20 products and medical equipment from 4 knowledge-based companies have been registered in the Ministry of Health of Kenya, and the export of knowledge-based products has reached $ 40,000.

Products such as "Vital Signal Monitor and Respiratory Ventilator", "Surgical Electrocautery", "Thermometer", "Protective Clothing" and "Mask" were mentioned. the second shipment of Iranian knowledge-based medical equipment worth $ 70,000 was also sent to Kenya. The necessary steps are currently being taken to send a container of various disinfectant products worth approximately $ 20,000 and will be sent to Kenya by the end of July.

 One of the sections in the House of Innovation and Technology of Iran for companies and startups is a dedicated office.

In this section, complexes such as Pardis Technology Park, the Union of Exporters of Iran's Telecommunication Industry and several commercial companies are currently located. The company also currently employs several Kenyan companies in the fields of marketing and business, medical equipment and information technology, logistics, content production and cyberspace services.

In addition, the Iranian House of Technology Innovation and Export has worked to facilitate sales and marketing of Iranian companies with several companies in various fields including financial and legal services, trade and commerce, marketing and market development, content production, transportation and Communicate logistics and logistics. At present, some representatives of these institutions and companies are located in the House of Innovation and Technology of Iran.

Currently, 25 Kenyan members and a 10-member Startup team are members of the iHiT shared workspace.

Another section is planned in the Innovation and Technology Center of Iran to display Iranian knowledge-based products.

Currently, more than 40 Iranian knowledge-based companies in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, advanced materials, construction materials, electricity and electronics and information technology have transferred their products to the permanent exhibition of iHiT Center, and several other companies are concluding contracts with this group.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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