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Acquaintance with the Deputy

Dr. Ali Vatani

Dr. Ali Vatani
Chemical engineering PhD from University of Leeds in Britain and member of University of Tehran's academic board


Some of his responsibilities are as follows:

- Advisor to the Iranian science, research and technology minister

- General manager of universities' boards of trustees, board of auditing and central council

- General manager of the culture ministry's research affairs office

- Member of the council to improve the higher education

- Research affairs deputy of the human resources and training department of the oil ministry

- General manager of science, research and technology ministry's office for research affairs

- Chancellor of Abadan oil college

- Head of the engineering and plans department of Iran's national gas company

- Manager of the designing and research section of academic jihad's central office

- Head of Tehran colleges' Pardis of oil engineering institution

- Caretaker and official for launching engineering LNG institute of University of Tehran

- Executive manager of the macro national plan for underground storage of oil and gas

- Deputy Head of the energy committee of the new technologies of the higher education department's planning council of the science ministry

- Member of the workgroup of compiling the roadmap of upstream technological industries of the oil industry

- Head of the workgroup of geology and oil engineering of the science and technology park of University of Tehran

- Writing over 70 scientific and research essays and books in the national and international credited journals, conferences and congresses and registration of a number of national and international inventions

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