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knowledge-based economy driving force of endogenous economy

"knowledge-based" economy driving force of endogenous economy

A memo by Dr. Sorena Sattari, Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology and President of the National Elites Foundation, titled "knowledge-based" economy driving force of endogenous economy which was published in Iran newspaper on April 8, 2014.

 Dr Sattari

Sorena Sattari:

Development of science and technology is one of the inalienable necessities for achieving the resistance economy and knowledge-based economy. Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has also many times described the progress of knowledge-based economy as the basis of all basic affairs for the country's progress and termed the national power as the infrastructure of the country's power and underlined that the scientific and technological power is the source of political, military, cultural and economic power.

Therefore, it is understood in this way that using science and technology in all policy-making aspects, one can emerge effectively since the knowledge-based economy is a driving force for the resistance economy and endogenous economy; therefore, integrated planning to study the knowledge-based economy is a key and important factor. Based on this basis, the scientific and technological department of presidential office is planning to deepen its presence in this field through its mechanisms, including technology development headquarters, macro national plans and commercialization plans. Therefore, this year should be a time for the prosperity of commercialization of the technological achievements with a Jihadi approach,

To this end, efforts for further infiltration of the scientific and technological findings into the country’s macro economic activities, the plan for attracting the service market and the knowledge-based goods, supporting the macro national plans, efforts to create related industries, support for the commercialization of technologies in the country by using the power of technological commercialization corridors’ agents in 7 parts of the country, paying attention to the entrepreneurship activities based on technology, including empowerment and support for the provinces’ elites and holding festivals like science to action are specially paid attention.

Also, special attention to the VC, banks and those who do charity works in the development of technological commercialization, special attention to the elites’ job, the superior talents and the academics graduates, special attention to the export of the knowledge-based products and supporting the effective processes in the strengthening of the active private sector, prioritizing the private sector’s activities in innovation and knowledge-based economy and the development of business and trade and the establishment of industries based on knowledge are in line with the plans and general policies of the resistance economy among the plans of the scientific and technological department of presidential office in the current year.

Of course, it should also paid attention that in a bid to implement and materialize the preplanned goals in the resistance economy’s policies properly, the responsibilities and involvement of the scientific and technological department of presidential office is highly extensive and therefore it is necessary that its principles acts actively in interaction with the executive bodies and specially the scientific and academic centers in the technological field of every sector and we hope that with the development of the department’s activities we can witness effective steps in the materialization of the economic resistance policies and the orders of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

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