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International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize

International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize

"The Muslim states should turn into harbingers of using science in consolidating the peace-seeking principles," Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology said, addressing the second meeting of the policy-making council of the International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize. 

The full text of the speech by Head of the policy-making council of the International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

The honorable audience, guests, scientists and members of the policy-making council of the International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize.

I appreciate you for accepting our invitation. I want to ask something from God. Oh God put us among those scientists who you have said their specifications in the holy verse of " شهد الله انه لا اله الا هو و الملائکه و اولو العلم قائما باالقسط لا اله الا هو " and make us superior in assessing the ignorant. You are informed that when history speaks about science and its spread after Islam, it makes any thinker to admit that Muslims have been one of the most effective people in the field of knowledge.

The Establishment of Baghdad's Beit al-Hekmah and Qirvan are two instances of the infiltration of the Islamic spirit which spread important scientific works in two important parts of the world and benefited that day's Europe and today we also seek the Muslim world to become a place full of thinking, wisdom, innovation and invention. That we have today made ourselves ready for holding a ceremony to present a prize with the name of the Great Prophet (PBUH) in new technological areas for the Muslim world scientists is to achieve independence in different scientific fields and the materialization of this holy verse " ولن یجعل الله للکافرین علی المومنین سبیل".

The idea for this Prize came not for entertainment but it was the result of our thinkers' work in the field of new technologies to reach great goals which are introduced to you:

1. Announcing to the world that thanks to God, today the Muslim world has trained competent scientists in new scientific and technological fields like the past who are worth of being appreciated and reminding this fact to the Muslim youth that the bright Islamic civilization will be felt again like the past merely by your efforts.

2. God willing with precise planning wise relations and spiritual and competent convergence and Islamic brotherhood will be established among the Muslim world's scientists and thinkers.      

3. The Islamic countries are the harbingers of using science in consolidation of the peace-seeking principles and relying in the holy verse of " قل یا اهل الکتاب تعالوا الی کلمه سواء بیننا و بینکم ان لا نعبد الا الله و لا نشرک به شیآ" prove to the world that Muslims practically want the word of monotheism and monotheism word in the economic, trade, cultural and technological fields and hope to be included among those people who enjoy the real science and cut the hands of aggressors from the heads of the poor and guide them to God rewards, faith and righteous acts.

God willing this will come true


The second meeting of the policy-making council of the International Great Prophet (PBUH) Prize was held in Tehran's Parsian Azadi hotel in the presence of Head of the council Dr. Sorena Sattari, Foreign Minister Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Science Minister Dr. Faraji Dana, Governor of Islamic Development Bank Ahmad Mohammad Ali and other members.

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