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Activities Report

The second 100-day activities report:


- Signing cooperation MoU with the environment organization to create synergy in the knowledge-based development in environmental policy-making and planning and creating capacities and development of national capabilities in the field of the environmental technologies. In this MoU some issues, including strengthening the research-operational infrastructures related to controlling and decreasing the pollutions effective in the environment quality, supporting the establishment and launching numerous knowledge-based companies across the country in business field and environmental jobs, mutual cooperation to commercialize the scientific-applied projects through assessing their environmental effects and the environmental business models to launch knowledge-based companies in measuring and improvement of the environmental conditions of different parts of the country have been specially paid attention.

- Inking cooperation MoU with Allameh Tabatabayee University to establish management and innovation research center with the aim of designing and proposing rules and regulations and innovation developmental policies at the national level. In this MoU it was stressed that Allameh Tabatabayee University will establish the research center to enhance the function of the national innovation system and understanding the challenges and presenting proper solutions to overcome them. The main mission of this research center will be studying the rules and regulations of the science and technology field and identifying the country’s weak points and shortages in this arena.

- Signing cooperation MoU with industry and technology college to create the frames of the country’s science and technology future foresight. The MoU stresses that the industry and technology college will study the necessity and possibility of conducting the national future foresight plan of science and technology in Iran and the method for organizing the implementation of this plan regarding other countries’ experiences and the  needed resources and the way of providing them in the country and finally, propose proper framework (methods, time perspective, realm, sections and …) for the national future foresight plan of science and technology in Iran in addition to providing needed preludes for its implementation.

- Inking MoU for the establishment of “policy-making studies and science, technology and innovation diplomacy” research center through cooperation with the science and industry researches organization. The circulation underlines that the research center has been established as a training, research center which trains research forces in the fields of policy-making and general and specialized diplomacy with the science, technology and innovation tendency in the new technologies center of the science and industry organization and supports setting up seats for theorization in the field of policy-making and science and technology diplomacy in addition to creating an atmosphere that the scientists and specialists in this arena will produce theories and train new forces within a united network frame. 

-Holding forums with the science, technology and industry policy-making research center of Sharif University of Technology in which different issues, including the necessity for changing the approach of the policy-makers in science and technology field from a linear view to a systematic view, changing the policy-making method from supply-oriented to demand-oriented, stressing the coordinative role of the scientific and technological department of presidential office among numerous players of the technology field and playing the role of a connective chain between the supply and demand section, the necessity for creating science and technology information system in the country, using the activists in business arena in technology policy-making section and the importance of paying attention to the issue of technological learning across the country.

- Holding forums with technological studies research center in which the necessity for organizations and institutions active in the scientific and technological filed for acting like islands, the necessity for the scientific and technological department of presidential office to coordinate them, the necessity for supporting the future foresight plans and holding national specialized meetings at the level of policy-making to collect the ideas of all those active in this field in the three levels of professors and elites, managers and heads of the institutions and the diplomats, the necessity for paying attention to the social and cultural sides of policy-making and the importance of compiling a local pattern for the integration of the views in the country about the national innovation system are stressed.

- Holding forums with the industry and technology research center in which the importance of dividing the jobs is specified in the two fields of science and technology, the need for the formation of an institution to asses  technology at the country’s level with the responsibility of the scientific and technological department of presidential office, pays attention to demand and its stimulation in the industry section, the necessity for moving towards development of innovation regarding the country’s perspective, the importance of compiling proper laws in the scientific and technological field and compiling a technology and innovation constitution and the necessity for the full implementation of the constitution’s principle 44 and opening the path for the private institutions are stressed.

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