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Semnan Innovation Ecology hosts 3 innovation centers to boost knowledge-based and creative businesses

During the one-day visit of the Vice President for Science and Technology to Semnan Province, innovation centers in the fields of water, energy, agriculture, and geology will be opened.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology, arrived in Semnan province this morning to visit various parts of the province's innovation and technology ecosystem, with the opening of innovation, growth, and accelerator centers to pave the way for the prosperity of the province's knowledge-based and creative products.

In the first part of the trip, Sattari goes to the Science and Technology Park of Semnan Province and inaugurates the first phase of the technology development workshop building. The center will be fully operational in two phases.

Also, with the opening of Incubator No. 2 of Semnan Science and Technology Park, the ground will be prepared for the establishment of more than 40 companies and technology units in a building with an area of 2000 square meters.

Sattari will also open the first private sector innovation center to host innovative ideas and active technology nuclei in agriculture, water, and energy. The unique feature of this innovation center is the benefit of direct private sector investment in construction and equipment.

Sattari is also following the trip to Semnan province during the progress of the construction of the innovation factory in this province.

Shahroud Industrial Town is the second host of the Vice President for Science and Technology to visit the knowledge-based companies located in this industrial town, to provide the necessary support for the entry of knowledge-based companies into the industry and to upgrade the technological capabilities of this field.

Sattari goes to Pars Precision Casting Knowledge Base Company and Shahroud Turbogenerator Knowledge Base Company and visits the capabilities of the company's technology activists in the field of power plant parts and equipment.

 Also, with the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology, the Center for Acceleration of Innovation and Commercialization of Energy Technologies in Shahroud Industrial Town will be put into operation with the support of one of the powerful companies in the field of wire and cable and energy called Moghan Wire and Cable.

With the presence of the Vice President for Science and Technology at Damghan University, the university's scanning electron microscope laboratory will be opened to expand the field of applied and technological research of provincial academics. Sattari also visits the central laboratory of Damghan University, which uses Iranian-made laboratory equipment, talks with technology activists based at the university, and visits their achievements.

 Attending a meeting of the provincial administrative council to talk with provincial officials and knowledge-based and creative activists is the end of a one-day visit of the Vice President for Science and Technology and his entourage to Semnan province.

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