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Primary Acceptance of TAPSI in Stock Exchange Market; Sattari: Startups Have Reached Their Peak

The vice president for science and technology affairs considered the primary acceptance of TAPSI (car intelligent request system) in the Stock Exchange Market the start of laying the foundation for the presence of startups in the main body of economics of the country.

Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, announced the primary acceptance of TAPSI in the Stock Exchange Market, stating: this is good news for the innovation and technology ecosystem. It is great that a startup company has reached the stock exchange market and the main body of the economics of the country.

According to Sattari, entering the stock exchange market shows the maturity of this company. This means that the company has been officially accepted in the economy of the country, which shows the specialized and scientific abilities of the youth in the country.

Recognition of the Knowledge-based Industry

The president of the national elites foundation added: the knowledge-based and startup industry is an emerging industry in the country, and the entry of one of its members in the stock market means that this group is recognized in the country's economy. He continued: if we look at the composition of the world's largest companies up to 20 years ago, we will see that in the past, the top 10 companies in the world were companies that were built and grown on the basis of fixed and tangible assets, but this is not the case today. Today, almost half of the world's 10 largest companies are in the field of Internet, technology and knowledge.

Sattari also marked: in Iran, the entry of companies based on Internet and technological structures into the country's economy has been open for several years, and these companies were able to open their main position in the country's economy in a short period of time by proving their capabilities and relying on skilled and specialized manpower.

The president of the headquarters for knowledge-based economy culture-building and creative and soft industries development affirmed: TAPSI’s entrance into the stock exchange market is the first step, meaning that it will pave the way for other knowledge-based companies to enter the market and people become the investors of these companies.

Earning Profit for the People and Community

According to Sattari, this will help the financial support of companies and will have benefits for the people and community. Sattari also asserted: this will lead to the future growth and development of knowledge-based companies and accelerate their growth. This should be taken as a good omen.

The president of the national elites foundation continued: today, the importance of developing industries based on the Internet is clear to all. In fact, supporting these companies is a national necessity. We believe that railing the path of startups and companies based on knowledge and soft and creative industries should become a public task.

Sattari emphasized: with the entry of these companies into the stock market, the people themselves become investors of these types of companies and strive for their growth and development.

Sattari considered the primary acceptance of TAPSI in the stock exchange market good news for knowledge-based companies and creative and soft industries, expressing: we hope this will be the beginning of the entry of knowledge-based companies and other capable startups into this capital market. In order to witness the presence and effectiveness of the knowledge capitals of the children of the country in the society. Perhaps this will take people out of the turbulent gold and housing markets.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs

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