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Sattari Expressed during the Ceremony for Signing an Agreement between the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs and the Central Insurance:

Providing new insurance services by startups of the country

Providing new insurance services by startups of the country

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, pointed out the importance of the joint cooperation agreement that was signed between the Vice-Presidency and the Central Insurance in line with the knowledge-based development policies during the ceremony, expressing: since four years ago, the Vice-Presidency has sought the injection of innovation in the insurance industry. However, insignificant success has been obtained until the signing of this agreement.

Sattari added: we are glad that by the presence of Mr. Soleimani, the insurance industry itself seeks the use of innovation and presence of startups in providing insurance services, and this agreement is signed to use the capacities of startups in the insurance industry.

According to the vice president for science and technology affairs, knowledge-based companies and startups require the formation of the infrastructures and new guarantees to be active in the insurance industry.

The president of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter continued: over the past year, limited startups have been formed in the area of insurance industry, and various services have been provided to these individuals. Nonetheless, development of their role in the industry requires serious culture building and foundation formation. 

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out that startups are the new players in the field of insurance industry, affirming: these new players will bring new rules and innovation with themselves. Therefore, they require interactions with some traditional insurance models and facilitation of the rules in order to transform the insurance industry of the country by injecting innovation to this area.

The president of the national elites foundation mentioned the broad activities of high-techs in the country, marking: last year, the transactions of fintechs in the country were above 130 thousand billion IRT, which shows the extensive activities of these enterprises and their effective role in the economy of the country. 

He continued: in this insurance market, we need cooperation with traditional players, including banks and stock exchange, in order to facilitate the condition for activities of startups and develop the presence of new players.

In terms of the main goals of this agreement, Sattari stated: providing new insurance services and facilitating the entrance of startups into the insurance industry are among the most important objectives of this agreement.

He added: in order to inject innovation to the insurance industry, we use the capacity of accelerators so that insurance startups and knowledge-based companies could be formed and enter this large field.

According to Sattari, knowledge-based companies are small at first and provide simple services. However, they become larger after a few years and play a more significant role in the economy and industry of the country. Nonetheless, this issue depends on providing a business space and approving the necessary rules for activities of these enterprises.

Sattari also asserted: the Vice-Presidency gas aimed to improve the innovation rate and business space of the country, provision of which is not possible without looking at the current business space, culture, and economy of the country.

Injection of Innovation to Insurance Industry

Gholam Reza Soleimani, president of the central insurance, stated: by signing this joint cooperation agreement with the Vice-Presidency, we will take an effective step toward developing the umbrella of insurance of the country and inject innovation into this industry.

He added: signing this agreement and entrance of startups into the insurance industry will increase the penetration rate of insurance services in the community and among families, which increases the revenue of knowledge-based companies and startups.

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