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Information Technology Managers Will Manage Data-based Businesses at the Service of the Community


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the sixth national conference on information technology managers will be held in 2018 owing to the experience of several decades of activities of the Iranian Institute of Information Science and Technology (IranDac) with an interdisciplinary approach and the slogan of “data-based business at the service of the community” in order to understand and exchange views, achievements and cultural, managerial and technological experiences obtained from using information technology. This event will be carried out with the support of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter.

Considering the development and spread of knowledge and science in the field of information technology management and the emphasis on promoting the expertise and skills of managers in this field, this event has aimed to introduce the top achievements of various fields of information technology and create work links between experts and researchers of various sciences to improve the data-based attitude in different organizational layers with an emphasis on data management in various fields of information and information technology.

The topics of the sixth national conference on IT managers include science-technology (intelligent business; artificial intelligence; macro data; data quality and standards; intelligent data analysis; security and safety; IT architecture; data and information visualization; decision making systems), politics-management (data management; knowledge management; e-government; social networking businesses; marketing and market development; data-driven economics; business platforms; data-driven policies; foresight and data governance; public-private partnerships in information management; information technology assessment; electronic health; electronic tourism; electronic learning) and society-culture (social trust; ownership and protection of data; the integrity and security of the data; the transparency and trust of the data; the assessment of social impact; the control and availability of data; the privacy and confidentiality of data; the complexities and ethical and legal challenges).

The sixth national event of “IT managers” with a focus on data-based businesses at the service of the community will be held December 25th 2018 with the support of the knowledge-based economy and culture building technologies development headquarter.


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