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News > “Made in Iran” Is Added to the Booklet of “Organization and Planning” of the Ministry of Education

“Made in Iran” Is Added to the Booklet of “Organization and Planning” of the Ministry of Education

“Made in Iran” Is Added to the Booklet of “Organization and Planning” of the Ministry of Education


The booklet of “organization and planning” is updated by student councils of the ministry of education. In the current year, the “association of support of Iranian products” with the title of “Made in Iran” is added to the councils of this booklet.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs cited by the news headquarter of the second national, cultural, and art festival of “Made in Iran”, Mansour Mojaveri, secretary of the student section of the national festival of “Made in Iran”, pointed out the emphasis on the use of Iranian products by organizations and ministries, expressing: our Supreme Leader has assigned a proper name to the current year, which is in line with the economic flourishing of Iran. The government must obligate all of its organizations to take the necessary measures in this regard.

He continued: the ministry of education has established the council of support of Iranian products so that the necessary measures could be taken for this area with two approaches of culture-building, discourse expansion and holding exhibitions in this field.

Advisor to the minister of education mentioned about holding exhibitions on economic and revenue sources, asserting: 250 exhibitions have been held to support Iranian products since September, where domestically produced stationaries are provided for students. Matching the products sold in schools was another act performed by the ministry to support Iranian products.

Mojaveri pointed out that the realization of discourse on support of Iranian products is an act that must be performed by all state organizations. In this respect, he stated: therefore, the booklet of “organization and planning” is designed by student councils. This year, the council of “association for support of Iranian stationary products” with the title of “Iranian Products” is added to the councils.

The second national, cultural and art festival of “Made in Iran” will be held November 6th 2018 with the goals of mainstreaming and content production for cyberspace related to the cycle of commercialization, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy, support of Iranian-made knowledge-based products and services, organizing excessive import and valuating high-quality Iranian products and services, and helping the branding of high-quality Iranian products. It should be noted that various sections of the festival include literature, visual arts, audiovisual economy, digital media and idea market and student section, which will be carried out by the efforts of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter and with the help of Parviz Karami, secretary of the mentioned headquarter.


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