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Special October Issue, 2018;

The 18th issue of “Knowledge-based” is published

The 18th issue of “Knowledge-based” is published

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, innovation is not a new topic. In fact, this topic has been evaluated by humans for decades, eliminating problems by relying on innovations and creativities. However, given the ever-increasing pace of progresses and emergence of new technologies, the importance of innovation has multiplied in various states and countries. The scientific, educational, analytical and news journal of “Knowledge-based” presents a file in its latest issue (28th) on the global innovation index (GII) and the future of the country. In this file, various contents are presented, evaluating the oil-based culture and economy and the barriers toward achieving innovation.


Parviz Karami, editor-in-chief of the “Knowledge-based” monthly journal expressed about the necessity of presence of knowledge in all society pillars in the latest issue of the journal, writing in his editorial with the title of “actions speak louder than words”: “knowledge-based economy has turned into a priority in the country and demands the provision of the necessary equipment and tools by the state and the private sector as soon as possible. Meanwhile, it should be able to strengthen the scientific abilities of the nation. You need to talk with the talented and motivated youth to increase their power and determination. We just need to help and move the small and large barriers to the path of these innovators.”


In one of its sections, the “Knowledge-based” journal presents a special file on assessment of GII, interviewing with Seyed Kamran Bagheri, an expert in the innovation management field. He considers the low score of the GII in Iran as the cause of oil culture. He believes: “as long as this culture exists in our society, turning into innovation economy is not possible. Innovation must be turned into the major stream in the economy of the country and our behavior”.


In the 18th issue of “Knowledge-based”, two members of the active technology and research fund in the country expressed some notes on the importance of venture capitals. These individuals believed that the funds must focus on this area. Ehsan Shahidifar and Maryam Mohammadi expressed their entrepreneurial experiences in this interview.


Hossein Khosravi, the CEO of a venture capital in the country, expressed in his interview with “Knowledge-based”: “venture capitals is the way to solve the economic challenges of the country”.

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