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News > The pavilion of “Made in Iran” will be established with the goal of supporting Iranian products

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With the Support of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology Affairs;

The pavilion of “Made in Iran” will be established with the goal of supporting Iranian products

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs announced the establishment of pavilion of “Made in Iran” on the 12th international exhibition of digital media with the goal of supporting Iranian products.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Parviz Karami, secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture building technologies development headquarter, stated in a press conference for the 12th international exhibition of digital media: this year, the pavilion of “Made in Iran” will be established in the 12th round of the exhibition. This pavilion will be formed with four missions and objectives. The first mission of the pavilion is national production and creative and innovative knowledge-based products and services considering the slogan of the year (support of Iranian products).  

General secretary of the “Made in Iran” festival pointed out the second round of the festival, affirming: the goal of this festival is mainstreaming and content production in line with the support of knowledge-based, creative, and innovative Iranian products. However, since this is the year of support of Iranian products, the main goal includes Iranian products and services.

Made in Iran Festival Comes to the Creative Ecosystem Base

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs announced that recognizing the festival of Made in Iran as one of the fundamentals of the ecosystem program to support creative companies and cultural industries, explaining: many companies that are active in various areas of digital media and cultural industries were unable to become knowledge-based companies due to the law to support knowledge-based enterprises. In this regard, their actions were inconsistent with the indicators determined by the parliament law for these companies.

Secretary of knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter continued: on the other hand, presence of these companies is necessary for the development of the country. Therefore, similar to the program of supporting knowledge-based companies, the Vice-Presidency has designed and implemented a program with the title of “the ecosystem for support of creative and innovative companies”.

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs continued: among the measures taken in the program of creative company ecosystem is supporting creative and innovative companies through some bases, including digital media festival, center of digital media, various active accelerators of the field, active venture capitals of the field and some facilitators. In addition, three headquarters of soft and identity-making technologies, knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies, and information, communication and technology have working groups to evaluate these programs.

Export Development

In terms of development of export in the national exhibition of digital media, Karami affirmed: the international interaction center of the Vice-Presidency has aimed to be presented in the pavilion of Made in Iran for the 12th international exhibition of digital media.

According to Karami, another support provided by the Vice-Presidency in the past few years has been related to the knowledge-based companies in high-tech areas. In this respect, he stated: the same support will be provided for the digital media in the area of creative companies and cultural industries.

About 70 international groups and competitions will attend this event due to the invitation of the Vice-Presidency and with the cooperation of ministry of culture and Islamic guidance and ministry of cultural heritage and tourism.

He explained: these groups and companies will attend the event through the brokerage of the international interaction center. For these individuals, B2B meetings and conference will be held in the presence of Iranian companies.

Advisor to the vice president for science and technology affairs expressed: all companies and groups participating in the 12th international exhibition of digital media can benefit from the export corridor of the Vice-Presidency in case of meeting the necessary criteria of the digital media center of the ministry of culture.

He added: this export corridor can support the presence of knowledge-based companies in relevant exhibitions. Therefore, in addition to interacting with ECO country members, we can interact with China, India, Oman, Afghanistan and Malaysia. Karami emphasized the support of people to achieve export development, asserting: the international interaction center has aimed to guide and support “Kosher Contents” in line with the development of export of digital services, as well as Iranian contents and creative and innovative industries. We hope that it would be possible to use the potentials and talents of the country in this regard.

Details of the 12th International Exhibition of Digital Media

Seyed Morteza Mousavian, head of the digital media center of the ministry of guidance, stated about the difference of this round of the exhibition with its previous rounds: we have put efforts in creating a tangible difference in the volume, quantitative criteria, the form and content, and qualitative criteria.

Mousavian regarded one of the goals as creative constructive interactions between contents, content producers, and content owners, adding: in order to hold an efficient exhibition, several specialized committees have been formed, including the committee related to operators, to make the necessary interactions to develop content production and distribution across the nation.

Head of the digital media center continued: in the international section of the exhibition, we will witness the presence of ECO institute and international cooperation with members of the organization. In addition, the official announcement of Union of Digital Publishers of the ECO members, primaries of which have been formerly created. With regard to the discussions we had with the cultural advisors of Iran, we will dedicate efforts to the establishment of legal structures of these companies in the mentioned union.

He also declared: software developers, operators and presenters of digital products will be present in this exhibition. Our goal is development of a safe and suitable digital content area. In this exhibition, if a center seeks contract conclusion, legal counselors and business experts will be present to provide the best advices.

The 12th international exhibition of digital media with the slogan of “Digital Contents; the Propeller of Digital Economy Development” will be held October 31st-November 6th, 2018 in Musala of Tehran. Registration for the event is initiated on September 10th 2018 with the support of the Vice-Presidency and will continue to one month.

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