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Schools of 15 countries of the world were familiarized with Noor Student Competition


To date, the “Noor Student Competition; Commemoration of Ibn Razzaz Jazari” has been introduced to schools of more than 15 countries of the world.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, after announcing the inauguration of the third round of the “Noor Student Competition; Commemoration of Ibn Razzaz Jazari”, founder of mechanical mechanisms, has been introduced to more than three thousand and 500 schools and 32 research centers of the country and 32 Union of Physics Teachers.

Notification and direction creation of interactions between students at the international level or through voluntary representatives of prize of “Mustafa Ambassadors” have been carried out in countries such as Malaysia, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Tunisia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, India, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan, and France. In addition, relevant documents have been distributed in schools so that students could learn about the process of the competition.

The third round of this competition is being held, and notification for call for the event has been issued since January 2017. To participate in the competition, the participants are required to create 60-second scientific films on topics of making motor mechanisms and tests on various topics of mechanics field.

Student groups can refer to the Noor Student Competition section on the website of the Mustafa Prize with the address of to learn about the regulations of the event and inclusion criteria and register for the event and upload their movies.

The Mustafa Prize is the significant symbol of academic merit and excellence in the world, which is given to the top researchers and scientists of the Islamic world twice a year. This prize recognizes, introduces and appreciates the work of top scientists of the Islamic world, promoting knowledge acquisition and research in Islamic communities.

According to the executive document of the Mustafa Prize, Sorena Sattari (the vice president for science and technology affairs) and Mahdi Safarinia (head of Pardis Technology Park) are the head and secretary of the policy-making council of the event, respectively.


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