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With the Support of Marine Knowledge-based Industries and Technologies Development Headquarter;

The first passenger float with carbon fiber body is tested

The first passenger float with carbon fiber body is tested by the support of marine knowledge-based industries and technologies development headquarter.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the tested passenger float is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass. This is the first time that such a float is manufactured in Iran. The special feature of this material is its high stability and, at the same time, low weight, which reduces its energy and fuel consumption.

In the construction of this float, materials are used, such as resin, glass fiber and decorating, utility systems, fences, stairs, fenders, glass, wood and rudder system, and cabling and lighting systems, all of which are domestically produced.

Among the advantages of this project are reduced problems related to customs caused by import of goods, decreased inflation caused by low presentation due to increased production, reduced total costs of products due to mass production and economical saving by optimal use of saving and production equipment caused by production scale. It is notable that the marine knowledge-based industry and technologies development headquarter has aimed to support technological projects in relevant field in the form of providing facilities.

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