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News > Development of architecture is one of the priorities of the biotechnology investment fund

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Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarter Announced:

Development of architecture is one of the priorities of the biotechnology investment fund


Secretary of biotechnology development headquarter stated: one of the most important priorities of the biotechnology investment fund is development of the architecture section.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mostafa Ghanei, secretary of biotechnology development headquarter, pointed out the services of the biotechnology investment fund, expressing: investment priorities in this fund include the areas of agriculture, equipment, drug, oil, vaccination, environment, monoclonal antibodies, microRNA, oncolytic and probiotic viruses.

He continued: considering the fact that agricultural development in the country is a national necessity, the biotechnology investment fund has made this development a major priority.

According to Ghanei, this fund started its activities in 2015 and was established with the goal of financial support of technological businesses, commercialization of innovative projects and participation in biotechnology area projects and elimination of the problems and barriers of companies for commercialization and production of biotechnology products.

He also asserted: the biotechnology investment fund is one of the sections that cooperates in the project of medical biotechnology accelerating and companies can use the services of this fund.


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