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The Fourth Round of Evaluation of Member Centers of Laboratory Network Was Performed


Results of the fourth round of evaluation of performance of centers that are members of the strategic technologies laboratory network was carried out by assessing the services and activities performed by the centers in 2017.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Razi Metallurgical Research Center "," Razi Foundation for Applied Sciences "and" Iran Mineral Processing Center ", were ranked first to third in the fourth round of evaluation.

Every year, the definite members of the strategies technologies laboratory network are evaluated based on the instructions for evaluation of network, which is designed to create constructive competitiveness and improve the quality of laboratory services and increase scientific ability. Performance of these centers is assessed based on three macro index of laboratory function, custom orientation, and network cooperation.

Zarmazma Mineral Studies Company, Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Research Institute, Bim Gostar Taban Co., Marjaan Khatam Research and Education Service Co., Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, Institute of Chemical and Chemical Engineering of Iran, and Kimiazi Analytical Research Center were ranked fourth-tenth in terms of performance in 2017.

Currently, 36% members of the network are private laboratories, whereas 35% and 29% are from universities and research centers affiliated with the ministry of science, research and technology and government organizations and ministries, respectively. Data on the abilities, machineries, and services of these centers are provided on the website of


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