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By the Efforts of the Agriculture Biotechnology working Group;

The fifth round of tissue culture will be held


The fifth round of specialized tissue culture will be held July 6th-8th,2018 in Tehran by the national genetic engineering research center and with the help of the biotechnology development headquarter.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the fifth round of specialized tissue culture of plants, orchards and ornamental plants with the cooperation of agriculture biotechnology working group and national research center of genetic engineering at the location of the research center.

This short educational and specialized course is planned for industrial and semi-industrial greenhouse owners, all students, including students of vocational and technical schools, and governmental and nongovernmental employers who are eager to be active in this field.

In this course, conventional techniques of the tissue culture laboratory, including preparing basic culture medium, preparing hormones and antibiotics, seed and tissue sterilization, methods of isolation of explants, transfer of explants to culture medium, and adaptation of plants to environmental conditions practically and theoretically.

At the end of the course, valid licenses will be provided in English for the participants who successfully pass the course by the agriculture working group of biotechnology development headquarter and the national research center of genetic engineering.


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