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News > Compilation of the book of the national roadmap of incremental construction and technology in Iran

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Performed by the Advanced Materials and Construction Development Headquarter;

Compilation of the book of the national roadmap of incremental construction and technology in Iran


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the comprehensive report on the draft of national roadmap for 3D Printing technology development and industry in 350 pages with the aim of explaining about the favorable condition of incremental construction in Iran, its goals and analysis of the gap based on the current condition and assessment of the prerequisites for transfer of this industry to Iran in a four-section book. In this book, the incremental construction industry is introduced as first, followed by explaining about the technology tree and product and service value chain related to this field to provide a relatively comprehensive database about the technology in Iran and the world.


After the assessment of the current trend at the international level, the most applicable areas of this technology in Iran and the world are introduced and the possible scenarios are recognized based on national document priorities of this industry. Estimation and selection of macro goals in the third section of the book are followed by expressing the prerequisites of transferring from the current condition to the introduced situation using the necessary strategies. In the final section of the book, a summary of topics is presented and the 10-year roadmap of the industry is drawn. In fact, this book introduces the technologies related to incremental building and provides beneficial information about the latest achievements at the international level, explaining the methods to design the roadmap and document of this industry for experts of the field.


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