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Expressed on the Symposium on Application of Imaging in Pre-clinical Research;

40 projects have been conducted on pre-clinical imaging.


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mohammad Reza Ay, head of the pre-clinical laboratory, stated on the first symposium on application of imaging in pre-clinical research, expressing: before establishing this laboratory, our researchers would use human devices to perform research on animals, which was associated with many challenges. First of all, the devices had a low accuracy level. In addition, the researchers were required to take the mice to the hospital to perform their test, which led to more complications. Furthermore, the research implementation time was limited. 

Ay regarded holding educational workshops on pre-clinical imaging as one of the measures taken by this center toward education and promotion, affirming: in this regard, all services were provided for research free of charge in the first six months, and 135 individuals participated in educational workshops. Moreover, 40 relevant research projects have been performed in the laboratory.

He also presented a report on activities of the laboratory in the first six months of the year.

The first symposium on the application of imaging in pre-clinical research was held by the pre-clinical laboratory in Ibn Sina hall of school of medicine of University of Tehran, where professors presented lectures on the importance of this field and its achievements. In this event, three programs of the center were explained. The journal club is the first program, where articles of this field are presented. In addition, individuals who participate in thee journal clubs will receive imaging grants. The first day of the program is June 20th 2018. In addition, holding basic courses is the next program where all types of imaging techniques are covered. Weekly visiting of the laboratory and its facilities is another part of the program of pre-clinical laboratory, which is possible every Monday.


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