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Secretary of Biotechnology Development Headquarter:

The workgroup of advanced medications is formed


The secretary of biotechnology development headquarter announced the formation of the workgroup of advanced medications in the biotechnology development headquarter.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mostafa Ghanei, secretary of biotechnology development headquarter, pointed out the importance of attention to the development of advanced medications in the country, stating: the area of production, commercialization and market development are among the crucial parts of the biotechnology development headquarter, where various programs and measures have been prioritized, including oriented projects of the biotechnology development headquarter and establishment of the workgroup of advanced medications.

He continued: these medications are mostly for incurable diseases (e.g., cancer and MS) and their production in the country will lead to saving of currency.

According to Ghanei, despite the current sanctions against Iran, there have been some successes by knowledge-based companies and through producing required strategic products of the country in various sections of biotechnology by financial and spiritual support of the vice presidency. 


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