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Performance of Sea in the Educational Framework

The Third National Festival of Sea, the Path of Progress


With regard to the policies presented on the sixth development program of the country, promotion of maritime culture is one of the goals that must be assessed by authorities of this field. planning and familiarizing the science society, including high school and university students, with sea is one of the most effective measures that can lay the foundation for supply of creative and efficient workforce for the future of this industry.

Therefore, the third national festival of “Sea, the Path of Progress” will be held with the goal of promotion of general issues related to sea in sections of maritime technological achievements and plans, short movies and photographs of students from sea, competition of smart fleets, underwater robot competition, marine idea market and student festival, which will be held with the cooperation various marine organizations and units. Development of knowledge-based companies and support of technological projects and achievements in the field of marine is another important topic of the festival.

Holding Specialized Maritime Educational Courses in Universities of the Country

Development of knowledge and technology in the country requires the training of specialized workforce and familiarization with the condition of industry in the country. Therefore, the headquarter has aimed to hold consecutive specialized educational courses in maritime universities to improve the level of knowledge of students about working and industrial conditions of the country.

Holding Specialized Meetings of Maritime Workgroups in Coastal Provinces of the Country

Specialized meeting of maritime industry workgroup of coastal provinces has been cyclically held in seven coastal provinces of the country with the cooperation of municipality, maritime organizations and units and support of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs with general goal of synergy and interaction between active units and evaluation of problems and barriers to the development of maritime industries.

In this regard, the most important suggestions and approvals in these provinces have been collected for development of activities of the headquarter in the form of Atlas on maritime abilities and capacities of the provinces, cooperation in demand-oriented provincial technological projects and formation of the workgroup of industries and provincial maritime technologies, proper introduction of scientific capacities in the area of marine, and use of support capacities of marine headquarter for active private companies.


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