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News > The Ninth Startup Demo with the Topic of Innovations in Gas Industry Will Be Held

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The Ninth Startup Demo with the Topic of Innovations in Gas Industry Will Be Held


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, head of the national technomart stated: the ninth startup demo in the area of gas industry and relevant industries will be held this May along with the 23rd exhibition of oil, gas, refinement, and petrochemical will be held at the location of the international exhibition of Tehran in the presence of investors and new companies and startups.

In terms of goals of this event, he affirmed: the main goal of this event is direct negotiation of idea owners and startups with investors. This event will be held in two general (including the presentation of startups) and exclusive (negotiation meetings between investors and startups) sections, and startups can have access to a large number of investors in this event.

On the other hand, investors can announce their preparedness for investment in a company or startup after holding private meetings, evaluating startups and the progress level of their ideas, attracted customer, market volume, and sales rate.

In terms of the importance of holding this type of events, Ghanbarpour asserted: one of the weaknesses in the area of innovative and startup ecosystem of the country is lack of opportunities and foundations to attract investment. Therefore, these events strive to make the opportunity for new companies and startups to meet with investors and for investors to evaluate the prepared companies with a potential of investment.

Registration deadline for new companies and startups is April 20th 2018. Enthusiasts of this field can refer to the website of for more information and registration of the event.


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