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With the Support of the Soft and Identity-making Technologies Development Headquarter;

The technology tree of “Rayad” is introduced


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the 12th annual conference of e-learning was held by Tehran University, where a proper environment was provided to present the latest technological advances in the area of role of e-contents in learning with an emphasis on e-learning.

This conference contains all areas related to “e-content and e-learning in schools” in various areas of pathology, educational and technological sciences and engineering.

The main areas of the conference include the science and art of learning/teaching (pedagogy) in e-contents, open educational resources, business model for e-content, role of new technologies in the development of e-learning systems and environments and ubiquitous learning.

In addition, results of the studies conducted on the e-learning technology tree (Rayad) were assessed by the help of the soft and identity-making technologies development headquarter, and the image of the mentioned tree was showcased to the audience along with the published book of technological abilities in the area of e-learning.

This meeting was attended by Mohammad Reza Beykzadeh, faculty member of science and culture university, Ali Asghar Faramarzian, founder of the Tehran Non-profit Institute of Higher Education of Rayanee, Seyed Ali Akbar Safavi, secretary of Rayad Association, Rahim Ebadi, head of Alborz Mehr University and Stephen Samroil, professor of information management in the MBA field.

In addition to attending this meeting, the companies of Faranesh, Vesta, Go to Class and Mehr Pars introduced their enterprise and talked about their products and services to the higher education institutes in order to make the market and interact with these institutes.


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