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Will Be Performed with the Support of Energy Technologies Development Headquarter;

Development of technical knowledge for producing solar cell with high efficiency

The energy technologies development headquarter has aimed to develop technical knowledge for production of solar cell with high efficiency with the cooperation of RCT of Germany.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, acquiring technical knowledge for production of bifacial solar cell and infrastructure for joint manufacturing of this type of solar cells with high efficiency is the topic of cooperation between the energy technologies development headquarter and CRT company of Germany. In this cooperation, a pilot of the type of solar cell will be created with the cooperation of this German company in Iran with regard to the current technical infrastructures to create the opportunity for perform various projects to develop technology.

With regard to the experience of interaction between University of Tehran and RCT company in equipping the Silicon Solar Research Center (with the support of the headquarter) and visit of this complex, the joint project of transfer of technical knowledge is defined. In addition, the vision of this project is creating cooperation between a domestic active knowledge-based company and a German company in the area of technical knowledge of cells and solar wafers. It is planned to define a joint project with an international complex in the area of solar modules if the current project was successful.

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