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Is Iran the Leader of Brain Drain in the World? from Truth to Lie

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, while the reports on statistics of emigrants are published by international organizations, such as the United Nations, every year, it has been some time that many have claimed that Iran has ranked first in terms of brain drain, for which the only document is a report by the international monetary fund in 2009.

After the evaluations, we realized that no such report has been reported by the mentioned organization and quoting of this report was just a journalistic move. The only report of this fund about the emigration of elites dates back to 1999, in which a method was analyzed to estimate this important issue by using the statistics of the immigration office of the United States in 1990. Citing the mentioned inaccurate report (2009) occurs while the reports of the immigration offices of the United States, Europe and Canada and many other counties are available, in which Iran is not regarded as the leading countries of emigration.

In a published report in the international journal of Iran Times (Washington), it is emphasized that these statistics are far from truth. In the report, we read: some Iranian media has claimed that Iran has had the highest rate of brain drain the world. However, this is not true.

In addition, it is observed in the article that: several reports have been provided citing the evaluations of the international monetary fund, which revealed that compared to other countries, Iran has lost many of its educates due to brain drain. Even recently, the New York Times Newspaper citied the reports of Iranian media in a report. The problem is that the statistics presented in these reports are not valid and are just a big lie.

In December 2001, the public TV of Iran, along with some newspapers of Tehran, reported that according to the recent report by the international monetary fund, Iran has had the worst condition among 61 countries of the world in terms of losing scientific talents.

There Is No Document on Leadership of Iran in the Area of Brain Drain

The truth is that the international monetary fund published a report on brain drain. However, this report was published in 1999. The more important aspect is that the mentioned report does to refer to the bad condition of Iran in terms of brain drain. In one of the tables of this report, Iran was ranked 11th among 61 countries. In addition, Iran was ranked 13th in terms of number of emigrated students to the United States. 

Two writers of the report have stated that it is been a preliminary report and contains low information on this area. In addition, they motivated other countries to gather beneficial information in this field.

In this report, it is marked that the only acceptable statistics are related to the census of the United States in 1990, in which the name of the country, place of birth and level of education of the people are asked. Following that, researchers have compared the results of this process to the number of individuals with academic degrees from 61 developing countries.

In total, among the eight out of 12 countries with the highest emigration rate to America, one country was from the continent of America, whereas three and one countries were from Africa and Pacific area, respectively.

Iran is a large, modern and unique society. More than half of the educated society of four countries of Guyana, Jamaica, Gambia and Trinidad and Tobago have emigrated to the United States. These countries have been categorized in a separated classification due to their high emigration rate.

This indicates the low amount of information on emigration of students (brain drain) to advanced countries. Here, advanced countries are 22 member countries of the organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

In this report, there is no country with brain drain rate of 27-46%. The other eight countries with significant emigration rate were Turkey, Senegal, Algeria, Trinidad, Gambia, Tunisia, Jamaica and Guyana, respectively, which have been allocated the highest rate of brain drain (77.5%).


Article published in the international journal of Iran Times (Washington) 

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