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Realized with the Support of the Cognitive Sciences and Technologies Development Headquarter;

Development and promotion of neuroscience among domestic and foreign specialists

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Abbas Hagh Parast, secretary of the neuroscience association of Iran, stated: the global association of neuroscience research of “IBRO”, which is an association for promotion of research projects in the cognitive neuroscience field, about 10 specialized theory and practical meetings have been held in the presence of Iranian and foreign specialists.

Hagh Parast continued: by holding educational workshops of “IBRO”, the foundation will be laid for the promotion of interactions among specialists of the countries and the current capacity and abilities in various areas of the world, especially the developing countries, will be recognized to be used in development of human resources in the cognitive neuroscience.

He also expressed: the “IBRO” organization initiated its activities with the objective of development of neuroscience in the countries of the world, so that students, elites, professors, experts and specialists could benefit from research opportunities, cooperation with others and proper sharing of knowledge in the neuroscience fields.

According to Hagh Parast, the first advanced workshop was held in Iran in 2017 with two theory and practical approaches. It is aimed to hold other scientific meetings in the presence of domestic and foreign specialists in the area of cognitive neurosciences in the next years.


Hagh Parast pointed out that holding these workshop not only introduces the scientific level of the country in the neuroscience area to international experts and specialists of other countries, but also it leads to the familiarization of professors and researchers with the enriched culture of our country and is an advertisement against fear of Iran. He added: PhD candidates of various fields have been able to benefit from the supports of “IBRO” by participating in specialized workshops of other countries and international congresses, as well as six-month research opportunities. Moreover, a number of these applicants were able to obtain the support of “IBRO” to establish laboratory in the country. 

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