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News > A few more steps toward synchronization of Iran with space technologies of the world

Chairman of Iran National Space Administration:

A few more steps toward synchronization of Iran with space technologies of the world

A few more steps toward synchronization of Iran with space technologies of the world

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Manouchehr Manteghi, chairman of Iran national space administration, stated about aerial advances of the country: after the war, we have had the best level of advances in all aerial fields, and we have been turned into one of the unique countries in this field.

He added: for instance, we might not be synchronized with the modern technology of the world in production of products in protective, anti-tank, anti-ship and air-to-air systems, but we are not that far away from the technology of today.

According to Manteghi, increased efforts of specialists and authorities in the field of aerospace could lead to synchronization with the world.

He also asserted: one of the honors of Iran is missile developments, which have had accelerated growth since the time of war.

Pointing out the condition of Iran in terms of missile products before the Islamic revolution, Manteghi affirmed: at a time before the revolution, the military provided the most modern equipment in various fields, such as anti-tank missiles and Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force, to supply the domestic needs. In addition, the military took some steps toward production of these products but failed.

Mentioning that emergency needs of the military led to moving toward self-sufficiency at the time of war, Manteghi asserted: given the fact that no one was willing to sell ammunition to Iran at that time and war was also drawn to cities, there was a need for production of rockets with a range of 90, 120 and 300 km.


He continued: in the beginning of Iran-Iraq war, Iraq had many tanks, and Iran was out of rockets to fight with these tanks. Therefore, we immediately started to produce various rockets. Sometimes due to defects of the rockets, some of their parts would be used to create combined rockets. Pointing out the area before war, Manteghi stated: fortunately, we have had acceptable growth in all areas after the war, and now, we are just one step away from synchronization with modern technologies of the world. 

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