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In Iran, There Is 80 Percent of Satellite Design and Manufacturing Technologies.

According to the reports by Iran national space administration, more than 80 percent of design, manufacturing, launching, and receiving information of satellites exists in the country and knowledge-based companies.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, this center supports the designing, manufacturing, and launching satellites by private knowledge-based companies. Currently, satellite launch can be performed by domestic and foreign launchers, which can be carried out by the private sector under the supervision of Iran national space administration.

In a report and on the occasion of the global week of space, Iran national space administration announced that the activities of this center will focus on policy-making, coordination of planning and monitoring all active units, organizations and centers in this area. Moreover, application of space technologies has been initiated by knowledge-based companies for economic development of the country.

As stated in this report, more than 70% of countries use satellite technologies for economic development of their countries in areas of water resource management, discovery of mines and the amount of their reserves, management of agriculture for optimal planting and management of water consumption, monitoring transmission lines of energy, oil and gas, forest fires, and traffic and decreased road casualties.

Therefore, Iran national space administration has aimed to design and create small satellites in private knowledge-based companies since with regard to the trend of these technologies in the world, small satellites (15-120 kg), which can be placed in 500-700 km circuits in the form of networks, play the role of heavy satellites in 36-thousand-km circuit.


It is emphasized in this report that Iran national space administration has prioritized the promotion of space technologies in high schools and universities, which can be carried out by holding exhibitions, conceptual designing of satellites, space games, and Can Sat and Cube Sat competitions.

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