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News > Iran on the verge of being turned into a top innovative country on a national level

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Manager of UNCTAD Development Plan Announced;

Iran on the verge of being turned into a top innovative country on a national level

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Michael Lim, manager of the science, technology and innovation policy review of UNCTAD, presented a report of skyrocketing growth of infrastructures and performance of science, technology, innovation and development of Iranian human resource at the unveiling ceremony of this document, stating: according to statistics, Iran has a significant capacity in the field of innovation. Over the past few years, considerable results have been obtained from continuous and widespread investment in creation of science, commercialization and establishment of knowledge-based companies.

He continued: in case of provision of other necessities, we can be prepared to seriously apply knowledge-based economy in Iran.

According to Lim, improved interactions between traditional economy and science and technology, as well as encouragement of the private sector and large companies for investment in D&R will lead to elevated pace of obtaining economic achievements from the great science and technology capacities.

He asserted: another confirmed topic of this report were development of international and scientific collaborations in foreign investment for more growth in knowledge-based economy.

During this meeting, representatives of Germany, Oman, China and Kenya emphasized the importance of this review in introduction of the prominent capabilities and considerable growth of Iran in science, technology and innovation fields in separated speeches, identifying Iran as a good example for other developing countries. 

Moreover, the mentioned countries confirmed their preparedness for cooperation with Iran in various economic fields in science and technology. Countries of China and Kenya mentioned similar challenges in many developing countries, including attracting investments from the private sector in research and development and presence of some parallel work and lack of structural benefit. These countries emphasized the necessity of exchanging investment experience to improve the innovation system.


It is noteworthy that Sorena Sattari, vice president for science and technology affairs, travelled to Geneva to participate in the “20th annual meeting of science and technology commission for development of the United Nations” and unveiling ceremony of Iran’s science, technology and innovation policy review of UNCTAD. 

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