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News > The 17th issue of “Danesh-Bonyan (knowledge-based)” is published.

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Special Issue of May 2017;

The 17th issue of “Danesh-Bonyan (knowledge-based)” is published.

The 17th monthly scientific, analytical and educational journal of “Danesh-Bonyan” is published with a special review of significant statistics of knowledge-based companies in the country.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, “production” and “employment” are national challenges in Iran. Are governments obligated to create employment? Is the burden of production on the shoulders of the government? If the answer to these questions is positive, nothing will change and our problems will remain the same. Only when the concepts of production and employment creation turn into a national matter and everyone join to promote them, half of the path has passes and the rest of the path will not be so difficult. This national determination will be created by knowledge-based companies and economy.


No Waiting

In recent years, establishment and work of knowledge-based companies have been significantly improved, in a way that one thousand jobs were created by three thousand knowledge-based companies last year. In his editorial, Parviz Karami mentioned this issue and discussed the accelerating pace of this trend and lack of waiting in the work of knowledge-based companies.

Knowledge-based Capacities

In this issue of “Danesh-Bonyan”, two interesting reports with the approach of mine and petrochemical industries are provided, both of which have evaluated production and employment in these two fields. Bahauddin Khanlari introduced the petrochemical industry as the pioneer in using modern technology and presented an accurate statistical report in this area, assessing the current capacities in this regard.

Metal Shoes

In the favorite part of the journal, which is interview with active entrepreneurs of the country, the “Danesh-Bonyan” journal interviewed with head of selected startup of “Elcomstars”, talking about his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Patience and Diligence

Another individual with activities in a startup in the country has focused his business in the domestic market of digital advertising, obtaining many experiences. Saeed Sadeghi, who is a young entrepreneur, states: “I suggest that startups be patient about the condition of their business.”

Safe and Simple

Hossein Sepahvandi is also another young manager of a startup, which has received considerable attention. His startup is related to the simple and safe process of buying a cell phone. In this regard, he mentioned some notes and explained his ideas. On the other hand, Mohammad Hassan Mohammadi, who has started a startup in the field of insurance services, interviewed with “Danesh-Bonyan”.

One of these individuals explained about his interesting experiences in his business: “we have defined the revenue system of our experts based on fixed salary and not on higher sales rate to have their neutrality. Therefore, they are obligated to provide the best and most profitable recommendations for customers.”

In addition to the mentioned interviews, notes and reports, several other reports, notes and interviews are provided in this issue of “Danesh-Bonyan” with each having a different topic about entrepreneurship. Readers of the journal can use their smartphones to benefit from pictures, films and sounds related to each content of the journal using the barcode software.


The 17th issue of “Danesh-Bonyan” journal is published in 132 pages, provided by responsibility of Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, management of Sorena Sattari and editorial of Parviz Karami.

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