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News > The Awarding Process of the Second Round of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) is initiated.

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The Awarding Process of the Second Round of D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network (TTEN) is initiated.

The process of selecting the best technology transfer contract between the members of D-8 organization and other Islamic countries and granting the second award has been initiated. Now, award candidates can register their contracts on the website of this event.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Mahdi Safarinia, director of D-8 TTEN, announced this call and stated: the plan for granting the “technology transfer award” has been approved in 2015 in Nigeria in the second supreme council meeting of this network with the financial support of government of Islamic Republic of Iran and the aid of D-8 TTEN secretariat (Pardis Technology Park) in order to encourage the member countries of D-8 economic cooperation organization to participate in technology transfer.

He continued: according to the regulations of this plan, the “best case of technology transfer”, which has been conducted between at least one of the member countries of D-8 group and other Islamic countries during each year, will be awarded the “Network Technology Transfer Award” (5000$ USD) to both contract correspondents, along  with letter of commendation.

Head of Pardis Technology Park mentioned the first round of this event, asserting: the first round of this event has been successful for important contracts. In this regard, the selected project from the nominated technology contracts in 2015 was the contract of transferring the technical knowledge for production of two biosimilar drugs from Iranian company of “AryoGen” to Inno Bio Nature of Malaysia. The value of this reward was 20 million dollars. These companies obtained their rewards in October 2016 in Izmir in Turkey in the presence of Dr. Mousavi, secretary-general of D-8 organization, during a ceremony after the meeting of chamber of commerce between eight countries.

Safarinia also affirmed: currently, contracts are sent for the second round of this event (technology transfer contracts of 2016). The eligible technology transfer contracts, concluded in timespan of January 1st-December 30th, 2016, can be introduced in this event. Those technology transfer contracts that are concluded after the mentioned timespan can be introduced for the third round of this event in 2017.


The D-8 TTEN has been established in 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh according to the decision of the third meeting of industry ministers from the member countries of D-8. In addition, the secretariat of this center is located in Pardis Technology Park of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs. The aim of this establishment is to extend the collaborations of member countries in the fields of technology transfer and attraction of advanced technologies, as well as moving toward a knowledge-based economy.

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