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Devotion is a new type of investment in knowledge-based economy.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, recognized the act of giving the education reward of Imam Sadegh by Mortmain and Endowments Department to the top talented individuals as a cultural action, expressing: scientific development of the country requires the entrance of the private sector and expansion of interactions between institutes and government systems.

The vice president for science and technology affairs introduced skilled and dedicated manpower as the most important basis of knowledge-based economy.

Sattari pointed out the rich background of Iranians in science, technology and business, affirming: throughout history, Iran has always been the origin of science and technology, introducing many scholars to the world. However, over the past 100 years and due to reliance on oil and natural resources incomes, the intellectual foundations of the Iranian economy have moved toward oil-based economy, which is the main cause of lack of economic growth in the country.

Head of the Iranian national elites foundation asserted the importance of modification of cultural structure of the company, expressing: fortunately, the taken measures in the past few years to improve culture building and promoting the academic culture, entrepreneurship and startups have been modified. This led to the creation of knowledge-based companies, which can obtain thousands of billions of dollars in a short period. These companies will soon be the most important economic levers, replacing the oil-based companies.

According to Sattari, confidence, self-esteem and creativity are caused by developed entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sattari expressed that it is essential for the private sector to participate in knowledge-based area, claiming: downturn in the oil economy is completely different than downturn in knowledge-based economy. In oil-based economy, when there is not adequate space for brokerage, there is a downturn in economy. On the other hand, since the basis of knowledge-based economy is the ability of professional human resources, it will never have downturn.

Sattari expressed that they are ready to cooperate with other institutes and organizations to plan for joint projects with Mortmain and Endowments Department.

Head of the Iranian national foundation emphasized the fact that resource-based economy will never be the top economy of the world, conveying: Persian Gulf countries, such as Iran, will not achieve a dynamic and stable economy by just relying on oil and gas sale, similar to African countries which were not successful with selling gold. The future of the world’s economy is in the hands of those companies that use the intellect of talented human resources to obtain remarkable added value.


The first ceremony of education reward of Imam Sadegh by Mortmain and Endowments Department was held in “Hoze Honari” in the presence of the vice president for science and technology affairs and president of Mortmain and Endowments Department.

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