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News > We captivated the mind of our community through introducing promising subjects by the “Made in Iran” festival.

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Secretary-general of the national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran” at the closing ceremony;

We captivated the mind of our community through introducing promising subjects by the “Made in Iran” festival.

According to the news headquarter of “Made in Iran” festival, on the closing ceremony of this festival on January 7th at IRIB International Conference Center, which was attended by Soorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, Eshagh Jahangiri, the first vice president and some of the selected artists and technology activists, Parviz karami, secretary-general of “Made in Iran” festival, expressed: today, I’m proud to say that we accomplished our mission regarding the first outcome of the culture of knowledge-based economy. The festival of “Made in Iran” will be everlasting in the programs of resistive economy since it addressed the common people using the language of art and culture. Therefore, it was well received by our community.

He also stated: however, we have more responsibilities now. “Made in Iran” festival was held just to fill an organizational performance sheet. The efforts of those involved in the event and seriousness of exemplary organizations and individual supporters proved otherwise. Therefore, expectations are higher from the next “Made in Iran” festival.

The consultant of the vice presidency for science and technology affairs affirmed that resistive economy does not mean suffer and isolation from other nations, adding: in fact, resistive economy means inbreeding, extraversion, justice seeking, popularity, ability and resources. Knowledge-based economy creates wealth; therefore, it has a special place in our lives. Through the language of art and with the help of artists and specialists in this area, we were able to shift the society’s mind toward more promising subjects regarding knowledge-based economy.

He pointed out the goals of “Made in Iran” festival and added: however, today is the starting point of a significant phenomenon; media and social networks could take advantage of this valuable event. The selected works of “Made in Iran” festival must be displayed for the people, so that media could send a promising message to the community about the goals and accomplishment of knowledge-based science.

Karami also expressed: our Supreme Leader affirmed that “if we are able to improve domestic production, sanction problems will be solved and more job opportunities will be provided for the people. Domestic economy will be literally strengthened.” A few months ago, our current Supreme Leader expressed satisfaction and supported the establishment of a department with a cultural approach at the presidential deputy for science and technology. Considering the mentioned statements, the “Made in Iran” festival has started its work as a national event.

According to Karami, stunning scientific growth in Iran, which has been confirmed by foreign observers, is the result of resistance and unity among our society members. However, it should not be forgotten that we lost some of our best scientists in this path. Today, our brave young adults can have a role in the development of entrepreneurship and knowledge-based companies.

The President of the Headquarter of Developing Culture of Science, Technology, and Knowledge-Based Economy stated in another part of his lecture: however, what is operationally important is the necessity of establishment of a permanent secretariat for “Made in Iran” festival. Having a permanent secretariat has its perks, such as the possibility of observing and identifying talents, facilities, necessities and abilities in the area of content production for supporting Iranian knowledge-based products and services.

 At the end, Karami expressed: I have to emphasize on the fact that many people helped in the process of holding the “Made in Iran” festival, including partner organizations, secretariat staff, media and artists. Hereby, I sincerely extend my gratitude toward Dr. Sattari. I hope that this festival was able to send its clear message and be remembered as a successful event for our economy.


In this ceremony, attended by Eshagh Jahangiri, first vice president, Soorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs and Parviz Karami, the deputy-general of “made in Iran” festival, and a couple of officials and artists, the selected art works were awarded with certificates of appreciation.

The national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made-In-Iran is held with the aims of “mainstreaming and producing content for cyberspace related to commercialization cycle, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy”, “supporting made-in-Iran knowledge-based productions and services”, “organizing irregular imports and respecting Iranian qualified goods and products” and also “helping bolding the trade mark of Iranian desirable goods” in sections of literature, visual arts, visual and auditory media, digital media, video games and idea-mart by the effort of the knowledge-based science, technology and economy culture development headquarter of the vice presidency for science affairs and with Parviz Karami as the secretary-general and with the slogan of “Iranian Technology; Iranian Business” from January 5th to 7th, 2017. The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

To learn more about the cultural and artistic festival of "Made-In-Iran", you can refer to the website

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