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Message from the vice presidency for science and technology affairs to the “Made in Iran” festival;

Productivity of knowledge-based economy requires “National self-esteem”.

According to the news headquarter of the “Made in Iran” festival, Soorena Sattari, vice presidency for science and technology affairs, sent a message due to the opening ceremony of the national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran”, as follows:

“Qaf is here, dominated by us. We have the solution and phoenix in our minds. We have achieved the unachievable. We have everything. The realm of bliss is prepared but time is limited and there is long journey ahead of us. Our young people have hope, motivation and proper knowledge. Our land is full of opportunities. Geographically, we have lots of mines. Meanwhile, we need self-esteem. We need to empower ourselves by finding stronger supporter. If we enhance our intellectual properties, we could better preserve our physical belongings.

The culture of science and technology is a great blessing and is the wheels of this system. If there our culture is on the correct path, we could improve our economy without any major difficulties. We need to empower our society in this regard. We only need to revise and modify our culture. However, recreating the cultural wisdom, which has a historical background, is our top priority. We have an ancient history, which must be utilized properly. We need to learn from the past. By relying on our own history and improving the culture of advancing the science and technology areas, we can create Iranian entrepreneurship.

We have many articles, which can be used to make new products. We also have many specialists and graduated individuals, who will promote the quality of this area. We have lots of knowledge-based companies and there will be no need for foreign manufacturers. We just need to want it to make it. This is the only way to improve in this field of science.

If there is a compliant, it is addressed to all of us. If we are honest about our belongings and desires and able to align our interests with the community, we could all feel better. Iran would feel better. Knowledge-based economy will have no place in our country without the support of people. People need to take knowledge-based companies more seriously and consider their children as a major part of this system. We need to require high-quality products from our domestic manufacturers. On the other hand, these companies must be regarded as a part of the society. It is the duty of people of culture and art and media to link these concepts. One of the goals of the “Made in Iran” festival is to achieve the support of people.

The national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran” is an effective step toward culture building and familiarizing the people with technological and innovative capabilities of our country. The “Made in Iran” festival turned into a memorable event, along with other influential measures taken by the science and technology headquarter. By holding this festival, we are able to create mobility in society and attract people’s attention toward Iranian-made products, which will result in advances in this regard.

Creation of an environment and a culture of entrepreneurship in the country initially requires self-esteem. It continues with this concept and end with it. We all need to raise this question that why Iranian people have low self-esteem? If we have a good perspective toward our culture, we could improve our own financial status.

The language of art increases the willingness of people to continue with a project and task. Art is not negligible. Our artists are a good example of people with high self-esteem. They learn how to do great works. Artists are like the moon of a society; the better the society, the brighter and more complete the moon. This relationship will be more clear by the media. Sending the right message by media will familiarize the people with this field of science.

Holding the national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran” can solve some of our problems and modify our improper cultural patterns by using the language of art. After that, we will not rely only our oil resources and could enhance our economy. Best of luck to all of you.

At the end, I would like to thank all the authorities and officials of this festival, especially the people of culture and art for their cooperation.”


According to this report, the closing ceremony of the first national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made in Iran” will be held at IRIB International Conference Center on January 7th, during which the selected art works are appreciated and certificates of appreciation are awarded to the top works by Eshagh Jahangiri, first vice president, Soorena Sattari, vice presidency for science and technology affairs, Parviz Karami, secretary-general of the festival and some of the authorities and artists.


The national, cultural and artistic festival of “Made-In-Iran is held with the aims of “mainstreaming and producing content for cyberspace related to commercialization cycle, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy”, “supporting made-in-Iran knowledge-based productions and services”, “organizing irregular imports and respecting Iranian qualified goods and products” and also “helping bolding the trade mark of Iranian desirable goods” in sections of literature, visual arts, visual and auditory media, digital media, video games and idea-mart by the effort of the knowledge-based science, technology and economy culture development headquarter of the vice presidency for science affairs and with Parviz Karami as the secretary-general and with the slogan of “Iranian Technology; Iranian Business” from January 5th to 7th, 2017. The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

The last deadline of sending works to this festival is November 21st, 2016.

To learn more about the cultural and artistic festival of "Made-In-Iran", you can refer to the website 

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