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Iranian Technologists Will Present Their Achievements in the China Hi-Tech Fair

Six Iranian knowledge-based companies will showcase their technological achievements in the 22nd China Hi-Tech Fair.

A four-way cooperation was made for the presence of Iranian knowledge-based companies in the 22nd China Hi-Tech Fair to have a space for presenting their technological achievements in the fair.

International Affairs & Technological Exchange Center, Iranian Embassy Technology Consulting, Iran national innovation foundation, and center for progress and development of Iran collaborated for the presence of knowledge-based companies in the fair.

The 22nd round of the CHTF will be held as the largest and most valid science and technology exhibition in the fields of the new generation of information technology, which is held every year in Shenzhen located in the south of the country. This year, the event will be held November 11th-15th, 2020 both in-person and online (foreign countries).

The pavilion of Iran has attended the fair since 2015. For the sixth times, six Iranian knowledge-based companies, which are active in the fields of "electronics", "information and communication technology", "artificial intelligence" and "Internet of Things" will showcase their latest achievements in the national pavilion of Iran.

The presence of knowledge-based companies in the exhibition has helped “using the domestic and international potential of china for developing the market for Iranian technological companies”, “the potential of the exhibition for attracting investment for commercialization of products in China”, “finding powerful Chinese companies” and “developing the export of Iranian products”.

Due to the prevalence of Corona disease and travel restrictions to China, product information and capabilities of companies with knowledge-based exhibitors in the Iranian pavilion were physically displayed in the Iranian pavilion and on the online platform of the exhibition.

The presence of our country's technology consultant in the Iran booth, as a link between Chinese audiences and Iranian companies in the exhibition, was one of the effective measures in this year's special circumstances. In addition, 14 online business meetings were also held between Iranian exhibitors and Chinese companies.

For the first time, four exhibitor companies, after the initial evaluation of the Chinese side, succeeded in presenting the opportunity to participate in the Roadshow program, which is held every year by the Shenzhen Investment Chamber in this exhibition.

According to the latest reports, the two companies have succeeded in persuading investors to raise capital from two Chinese complexes with a capacity of approximately $18 million, and the follow-up will continue until the final result is achieved.

A report by the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs


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