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Call to Flourish Startup Businesses; Convergent Technology Projects Will Be Presented

Call to Flourish Startup Businesses; Convergent Technology Projects Will Be Presented

“NBIC Startups” has reached its fourth round in order to improve the development of startup businesses. In total, 61 prioritized areas are considered in the call to accelerate the pace of meeting the country’s needs in this field.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, convergent technology startups can send their projects until June 20th, 2020 to attract investors, customers and supporters in the fourth round of NBIC Startups Call.

The call was made last February by the convergent technologies development headquarter and with the support of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter. According to the call, the selected projects will benefit from facilities. Teaching business principles, product development and investing will happen to chosen ones. The event will also provide assessment, counseling and mentoring services and will help them to establish themselves in the workplace.

Provision of 15 Types of Counseling Services

The teams present in this call receive 15 types of consulting services until the development of their business, including business development consulting, patent registration and product development. In addition, they will be financially supported until making technical advancement. In other words, the projects will be accelerated and the call will act as an accelerator for new startups in the convergent field. In this call, 61 axes were considered, including advanced machinery and equipment, medical supplies and equipment, advanced materials, agriculture and food industry, and advanced products in the field of diagnosis and treatment. One of the differences between the fourth call and the previous ones is the expansion of the axes, which has been done based on the country"s priorities and moving towards meeting the needs.

Those interested in any of the areas that have at least one prototype of their design, which uses two convergent technologies, can take advantage of the opportunity created in this call.

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