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Beyond borders; 164 Iranian inventions became international

The Patent Center of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology supported the international registration of 164 patents.

 So far, more than 2,200 applications for patent protection have been sent to the Patent Registration Center of Iran, of which 364 cases have been approved after content evaluation. With more than 90% support for inventors, the association supports them in the difficult path of international patents in reputable offices.

The United States, the European Union, Canada and China are the countries where the International Patent Office is located.

International registration is of great importance. A patent is a patented invention. Every person creates an invention with the effort and creativity of his mind and wants to have all its material and intellectual rights, and a system of protection has been created by governments where one can patent one's invention. Convert and record it.

In fact, a patent is a law that prevents the theft of an idea, when an invention receives a patent, the investor becomes the owner of the patent, and after a certain time limit, the right to make, use and sell the invention is given to the public.

  Patent holders can sell their property to another person if needed. Registration of a patent as a patent is not mandatory.

 Due to the role of intellectual property of innovations and inventions, in encouraging the community of inventors, researchers, creative companies and knowledge-based people to do more research, the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology in this field created a basic infrastructure.

The Patent Center of Iran was established with the support of this deputy to support inventors and their intellectual property.

Registration of international patents is one of the signs of the overall progress of the country's innovation ecosystem. Recently, the statistics of the international patent registration of the country have been published and 164 patents have been registered.

Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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