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Armenian Innovation Center hosts knowledge based companies and exports of Made in Iran products to Eurasian market expand

More than 30 Iranian companies traveled to Armenia to get acquainted with the country's technological infrastructure and benefit from the facilities available in these centers.

The second day of the trip of Iranian knowledge-based and creative companies began with a visit to the "Yerevan Innovation Center" in Armenia. This private center provides private and shared workspaces to Armenian and foreign companies. With the support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology, academics will benefit from this space.

Visiting the "Alliance Free Zone", which is a suitable environment for the establishment of Armenian and foreign manufacturing companies, was another program of the knowledge-based and creative companies sent to Armenia today. The support of the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology to create a collaborative production space for knowledge-based, creative, and technology companies in the region is being considered.

The establishment and production of Iranian knowledge-based products in this center will enable them to benefit from tax exemptions and other facilities that exist due to Armenia's membership in the Eurasian Economic Community.

The companies present in this trip are active in the fields of "textile", "agriculture and machinery", "construction", "petrochemical", "cosmetics", "organic food" and "digital".

"Holding face-to-face meetings between Iranian knowledge-based, creative and technology companies and Armenian companies", "Visiting the permanent exhibition of knowledge-based products set up by an export agency in Armenia" and "Visiting science and technology regions of this country" are among the programs of this program. The trip is for 4 days. Iranian companies also visit specialized centers and manufacturing companies in this country.

Report by the Communication and Information Center in the Vice Presidency of Science and Technology

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