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To Develop Innovative Projects in the Field of Children;

Pardis Technology Park and UNICEF signed a cooperation agreement

A cooperation agreement was signed between Pardis technology park and the UNICEF with the approach of developing innovative projects in the field of children and promoting the innovations of students.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, a cooperation was signed by Mahdi Safarinia, head of Pardis technology park, and Will Parks, UNICEF representative, in Tehran, emphasizing the support of technological and innovative activities in the field of children.

Will Parks, the UNICEF representative, pointed out his visit of Pardis technology park three months ago, expressing: I am really glad that this agreement was approved by the ministry of foreign affairs shortly after my visit and the agreement is signed today with the largest technology park of the Middle East.

He explained about the long-term cooperation program between UNICEF and Iran, affirming: in line with the program, we will support innovations through or for children. In this regard, Pardis technology park will play a crucial role.

Mahdi Safarinia, head of Pardis technology park, expressed his content with the cooperation made with UNICEF and regarded this agreement a starting point for more joint cooperation, adding: joint cooperation will be defined and implemented in field of development of innovation ecosystem, Noor Student Prize, and INOTEX exhibition.

United Nations Children"s Fund of UNICEF was established in 1984 by the suggestion of the United Nations Economic and Social Council and the approval of the United Nations General Assembly. UNICEF"s activities are mainly aimed at providing necessary assistance and support for children in developing countries.

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