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Start of the Stage of Selecting the Works for “Made in Iran” Festival

Start of the Stage of Selecting the Works for “Made in Iran” Festival


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, at the end of the deadline for sending works to the second festival of “Made in Iran” two thousand and 857 works have been sent to the secretariat of the festival. Pre-evaluation of the works has been initiated in the secretariat before sending the works to the judges and final evaluation. In fact, Made in Iran festival comes one step closer to the administrative stage for recognizing the bests of this section.

Therefore, the report of works will be pre-evaluated in various sections. Digital media, audiovisual, literature, visual arts, idea market and student are the titles of various sections of the second national and cultural festival of Made in Iran. After this stage, the works related to the goals of the festival will be assessed for a last time from the viewpoint of judges and in the presence of specialized secretaries and judges of each section.

The student section will continue its activities to witness more prosperity of made in Iran among students who make the future of the country. In addition, the photography section of the festival will be held in the form of an image festival.

The second national, cultural and art festival of “Made in Iran” will be held November 6th 2018 with the goals of mainstreaming and content production for cyberspace related to the cycle of commercialization, entrepreneurship and knowledge-based economy, support of Iranian-made knowledge-based products and services, organizing excessive import and valuating high-quality Iranian products and services, and helping the branding of high-quality Iranian products. It should be noted that various sections of the festival include literature, visual arts, audiovisual economy, digital media and idea market and student section, which will be carried out by the efforts of the knowledge-based economy and culture-building technologies development headquarter and with the help of Parviz Karami, secretary of the mentioned headquarter.

It is noteworthy that the sixth exhibition of domestic laboratory materials and equipment will be held simultaneously December 24th-27th, 2018 at the location of the international exhibition of Tehran.


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